War Medals

War medals

Memories of a war hero…

Recently, I was asked to frame the war medals of my client’s grandfather. One of the medals was the “Military Medal” awarded (5/5/18) for “conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty”. They were from both WW1 and WW2 wars and were accompanied by two photographs and a certificate explaining the bravery that led to this key award. “This hero laid a telephone line from Battalion HQ to an advanced Report Centre (near La Pannerie 22/4/18) under heavy shell fire, and in spite of an intense bombardment. He also repaired the line wherever cut thus keeping HQ in communication with the front line companies during the whole of the operations. His pluck and determination is worthy of the highest praise”.It is difficult today to even appreciate this act of such bravery…

Worn photograph of WW1 Soldier


Key framing challenge

I really loved crafting this frame. I wanted to ensure I did my client and his granddad proud. My key challenge was the design, from the colour scheme to the varying depths, sizes and medals colours.  I decided on a black suede double mount board with the medals in the middle. I needed to stay within budget and be conservative with the overall dimension, so elected to blend the portrait within the note through a montage to save space and manage the size increase. The next job was to find a simple moulding profile to reflect this person’s modesty and stay in keeping with the overall design and proposed my client with a few profiles to suit.

How to choose the moulding profile?

The next challenge was to build depth to the frame. I used a combination of fillets to create extra space front and back to comfortably accommodate the medals within the frame structure. The frame was glazed with a “near invisible True Vue Anti Reflective glass that finished it nicely.

The finished frame

I was really pleased on how this project went and very proud too. This was nothing compared to the look on my client’s face when he unpacked his frame. His expression was indescribable! He was “ecstatic!” and extremely pleased with his frame. For someone who always has got something to say… He was for once speechless!

This is what makes my job so special… This is why I love it!

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