Picture Framing Material

Please find below a brief overview of the constitution of your frame and the materials that can be used for framing your artwork.

If you are not sure which materials would best compliment your artwork. We create coloured visual drafts before starting your framing project, so you can see precisely “how” your picture frame will look like.

Mouldings are made of wood or composite wood and constitute the external profile of the frame. These come in a wide range of profiles, colours, and depth that will be tailored to the artwork or item you want framing (e.g. baby first shoes, teddy bear, War Medals or Cigarette cards…).
Many framing projects require glazing to protect the artwork from the damage that pollutants in the atmosphere can cause. A 2mm float glass is sufficient to do this. We provide a range of True Vue™ glass, that prevent Reflections, minimise UV light and both. Please ask JM for more details or simply for a demonstration.
The “window mount” or “colour mount” is the card that is placed between your artwork and the glass that maintains a space between the outer picture frame (moulding), and the picture itself. The window mount is also used to enhance your artwork and help focus the eye toward it, or  the item displayed within.

We can recommend a large variety of coloured mounts / cards to match, compliment and enhance your artwork. These coloured mounts are cut to precise dimension providing a bevelled edge around your artwork that is part of drawing the eye towards the subject. Please see our Colour mount page for more information.

The base mount provides as the name suggest a base to dry-mount your artwork onto as well as a protective layer between the artwork and the MDF backboard. This base mount board can be card, foam board, foamex (see our Display services). Dry-mounting the artwork ensure it remains perfectly flat. This base board is taped to the main frame to provide a protective seal and prevent any dust or bugs getting in through to your artwork.

Finally the backboard is fitted to the frame unit thus adding further protection. This is held-in securely with framers points as well as the traditional brown tape, which is used to double seal the back of the frame. The backing board is also used to fit the hanging fixture (weight permitting) and is made of 2mm or 3 mm MDF depending on the size of your frame. Felt bumpers are also stuck to the bottom corners of the picture frame to prevent it from touching and marking your wall. These bumpers also insure there is enough space to allow an “air-flow” around your frame which is beneficial against any type of potential condensation.

All my finished framed projects are fitted with single or double “D.rings” and wired-up ready to hang on your wall. We will discuss this at the order stage, you might want a strut for an A4 certificate frame for example, or you might need a special fitting to suit your existing hanging system. Please discuss your specific requirements at the quotation stage. Thank you