The “Cardmount” or “Matt” is the card that makes the border around the artwork. The card mount is cut to size then one or more aperture windows (opening) are cut into it.

The cardmount has several functions. It helps to visually draw the eye to the displayed artwork(s) and therefore is important to the overall look of the frame. It is also used to highlight a specific colour from the artwork or the environment surrounding the frame. It can in some cases be used to increase the size and as such provide a more dramatic display of the artwork. You can have one single board with one squared or oval shaped aperture window in it or you can also have a double or even triple board with various decorative shapes or styles.

The artwork is sandwiched between the cardmount and the base board. This also protect the means of attachment of the artwork holding it in place.

The cardmount allows air circulation between the art and the glazing as the artwork should not be placed directly against the glass as moisture that condenses inside the frame can become trapped and could cause mould.

It is best to suspend large piece of artwork, (usually attached to the back of the cardmount) as paper expand and contract with the change of humidity, thus allowing for this little movement without damaging it.

I trust this explain a little why it is best to use a cardmount…